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Product Link - Further information for Specifiers

Product Link is an information portal linked to TeachShare which can provide teachers with information about sustainable goods, services and technologies that have been, or are about to be integrated into their schools.

If you are involved in procuring goods and services for schools which enable them to become more resource efficient, Product Link provides an opportunity for teachers to gain educational resources and other useful information to create a better understanding of the products, services and technologies with no cost to either the specifier or the school. 

This information can be made available by simply adding a pre-qualification or tender requirement that all suppliers must upload suitable information onto a free Product Link template. The quality of this information could also be used to add weight to a bid.Suppliers that have been awarded contracts pay a one off cost to connect the school to their resource using the TeachShare hub for a period of 12 months. Beyond this period, schools can still access any available resources through a TeachShare Premium account.

Supplier connection fees are all be pre-agreed and rates normally vary between £100 and £200 for a 12 month link with a school

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